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August 31, 2009


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David Moont

I agree with the item and have suffered the absence of service. However from my work I am seeing a recognition of the need for engagement primarily as a retention tool. Even through the last year of downsizing, many of the clients I have seen in outplacement work have shown little worry about loyalty or even getting another position. Not all, but certainly a good number of them. And across all age groups.

I am currently talking to organisations who see a need for something targeting the front line to mid level people especially in the technical trades areas as they fear many will leave. As many have lost the trust and loyalty after seeing many of their coleagues retrenched, it is expected that with the economy picking up again, people will start to move on. Now they are looking for ways to keep them and I suspect that engagement/retention will become a major buzz word and focus for many organisations.

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